Don't Marry Someone Who Doesn’t Put You First

Love has brought lots of pains into the lives of young people more especially because of the wrong choice of a life partner. Pains as a result of dating at the wrong time of their life. Love leaves memories that no can steal, imagine if the memory is a painful one?

When you have all what it takes to travel and the destination is also decided, it makes such a journey a much easier one. However if you are not ready but want to embark on such journey, and have to rely on someone to embark on the journey, it becomes a dangerous and difficult one. It becomes even worse when that person is neither ready nor real. 

Waiting becomes painful and if in the end you fail to embark on the journey because you were disappointed, it becomes painful to forget such a person. But the worst pain is when you don't know if you should wait or forget, If you should move on or hold on. 

If only our eyes could see the mind of people, many people would apply the breaks when it comes to falling in love, but unfortunately it isn’t so. This is why one is required to be ready before embarking on such a journey.

In life everything runs on the back of priorities and if you don't learn how to stand on your own feet, you will always beg for a shoulder to lean on. It is therefore required of every individual going into marriage to be ready. Turn your dreams into plans; get to know the priorities of anyone who asks for your hand in love, dating or marriage.

If they can't make you a priority in their lives, there is no need making room for them. If they are not ready to be with you then stop making yourself available for them. It is as simple as that.

You don't need to start such journey as the mate or conductor, if you do, you might lose your seat. You need to be in the front seat. You need to sit next to anyone who wants you as a spouse and not behind with someone else beside them; not even if they beg you to stay behind and promise that the one beside them will get off along the way. 

The truth is, if you start off as the other man or woman, you will never be the only man or woman in their lives. You will end up alone. Before you call them your lover, be sure they have made you one. Don't live on dreams. This life is reality.

How do you know you are not their priorities? It is when they make you last, when replies get slower, when conversations get shorter, when you are blamed or accused. 

If you want your current or next relationship to be the last one, then stop rushing, stop worrying, stop looking, stop wanting. Let love find you, let them learn about you, let them need you. Reserve your heart for the one who deserves it and not the one who comes first.

In conclusion "the wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets" - Proverbs 21:20 (TLB).

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