Use What You Have To Get What You Want

This is one popular statement that runs the lives of a lot of people. It has actually become their philosophy in life. They use what they have to get what they want, but don't know that what they used to get it is not the same thing that can be used to keep what they got.

It's easy to get attention by making noise but do you know that not everyone likes noise? The truth is, noise will rather drive people away after getting their initial attention.

You can expose your body to attract a man but you will be surprised to find out that this has no power to keep him; for what attracts a man's attention doesn't always attract his respect, and what turns a man's head will not always turn his heart. Curiosity will make a man turn his head but that might not be his keen interest.

In the same way, you can attract a woman's attention by the way you spend on her but keeping her happy goes beyond money. Money can put a smile on her face but it takes your time, attention and care to win her love. 

You can say the right words to get her attention but if she feels insecure with you, she will leave the next minute. 

Many of us have what it takes to get someone's attention but we lack what it takes to keep them in love with us. 

To the woman, it takes real men to keep them in love for there are lots of men but not all are real. Real men play no games with their minds or heart. They don't entertain other women around; there is no competition for his attention. 

Women feel safe, secured, loved and appreciated with real men. With them, there is no business of confusion, guessing or wondering because the connection is safe and secure.

To men, despite being driven by sight, it isn't what keeps them in love. It takes a woman not a girl, a woman who respects him no matter his worth today; a woman who believes in his visions not one only interested in his cash; one who is honest and stands for the values of a virtuous wife, not a woman who falls for anything and pretends to be real; a woman to support, pray and encourage him not to give up.

You should always remember it's not about what you show off but what you show up. It's not enough to attract but keeping is what matters, so get what you need to keep and not just what to attract.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you want people to be honest to you, be honest to others. Pretending to be a good man or woman will only make you fake. Love is real and not fake; love is beautiful and not perfect, if you want true love, please be real. 

Don't ever lie to someone who trusts you with their heart; don't trust someone who lies to you just to win your heart.

Don't fall in love with people's faces and bodies but rather fall in love with their heart, spirit and character. Make the looks a bonus.

In conclusion "A pretentious, showy life is an empty life; a plain and simple life is a full life" - Proverbs 13:7 (MSG).

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