Don't Close Your Eyes When You Fall In Love

Someone once said to me, "sweet things are best enjoyed when you close your eyes", citing that as one of the reasons why some people close their eyes when they kiss; and this is also why people enjoy sleep when they are having sweet dreams. It is the same reason why some people close their eyes to everything when they fall in love. They pay deaf ears to all the warnings, advice and red flags.

The truth is, no matter how new your ride is or how smooth your road is, it is senseless driving with your eyes closed. You risk losing your life, not even a fool will do that. 

You don't need to close your eyes when you fall in love, that is the time for you to be vigilant. You don't close your eyes to the things you doubt or have question marks about your partner, you don't pay deaf ears to the pieces of advice from your loved ones and enemies, even if it goes against your relationship. 

Many at times, what we call love is not really love. It is rather a sickness and we need to be careful when we think we are in love. Day in day out, people we meet on regular basis fall in love with our looks, our smiles and before we can say Jack, they are gone even before tears drop. 

In tears is when you need a shoulder to hold on to, that time is when you need them the most, not when in smiles. You need someone who falls in love with your scars instead of your smiles, such a person won't leave and the best way to be sure you have such a person is to open your eyes, watch their actions and not let their words put you to sleep. You might be surprised to wake up to empty arms. It hurts to know you can't have them in your arms yet they have stolen your heart. The invisible tenant of the heart is what I call them. You feel their presence yet they are missing in person. 

Anyone who falls in love with your scars, sees you beautiful every day. Days may fade away; your beauty will fade away but their love for you continues. When you face challenges, they look for ways and means to keep the union. Unlike those who fall in love with your smiles, they look for reasons to leave, and give excuses why they can't stay. They can't stand challenges. To them, love is only about romance and once you face challenges in your relationship, romance disappears, you need a caring partner to be able to bring that back. 

Fall in love with someone who is the reason for your smiles, not someone who looks for smiles in your face to fall in love with you. The one who is behind your smiles cares about you more than you do, understands you, is forgiving and finds no joy living without you. But the one who falls in love with your smiles is interested in what he or she is getting and once their expectations are not met, you become replaceable.

In conclusion "Those who are good travel a road that avoids evil; so watch where you are going—it may save your life" - Proverbs 16:17 (GNT).

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