Daily Motivation

Formula For A Successful Marriage

It is very unfortunate that many young people these days, see marriage as the ultimate end to their needs; a solution to their all their problems.

Don't go into marriage to be rich, your purpose is to go into marriage to fulfill a divine mandate and also be happy. This will make you value your partner even when things are bad for you in the marriage. You will value the friendship, the love, the family and the union than the price of the clothes you wear, the brand of your car, the salary earned, the size of your mansion, etc .

Cheap Girls Love Expensive Dates

Expensive dates should never sweep you off your feet, but sadly this is one of the things which makes some ladies fall so deep in a madness called Love. 

Why don't you need an expensive date? The simple answer is because you are expensive; in fact you are priceless and can never be bought. It's an insult to be impressed with food, drink and treats in the aid of winning your love.

Why People Marry Strangers

One of the common questions people ask those in love or when they hear wedding bells ringing is "Who is that lucky man or woman? The answers are mostly likely to be “he or she is a doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc.; they live in East Legion, owns A,B,C, etc.

This question always reveals what the person fell in love with and it seems to be all about what the person has and not who he or she actually is.

People these days fall in love with a person’s profession, looks, cars, houses, family. These attributes don't define who the person is.

One Step At A Time

In life, one of the things I admire is the sense of class, a touch of a masterpiece, a hallmark of outstanding. This is why I find myself glued to some reality TV Shows even though I’m not a fan watching TV and don't have that luxury of time. 

Almost all the people I have known to be good in a particular field take time to master their craft, for they understand the adage 'He who hesitates has a sudden fall'.

It also means if you want to go far, then you need to prepare; if it must be done then it must be done well. 

You Are A 'Headline'

Newspapers have lots of stories but not all these stories make it to the front page. News bulletins have lots of stories but not all of them make the headlines.

Headlines and front page stories are the most prevalent news and people give it all the needed attention, be it negative or positive. It becomes the trending or most popular news item.

In our world today, most people can't earn a spot in the headlines or front page unless they commit a scandal. There are celebrities who rose to fame today through that. 

Remain Sweet

Sometimes, forgiving someone who hurt you is like climbing the tallest mountain. Sometimes letting go is like being buried alive when you are not even sick.

People are so cruel in this world that, sometimes one of the hardest things is to have a heart in a heartless generation. 

Sometimes, people you expect so much from because you have given them so much, end up to be the ones who disappoint you the most. 

What People Call 'Love'

It's funny what young people call love.  When people can't get their eyes off your body,  you call it love.

When people can't stop praising your body,  you call it love.
When people can't stop holding you,  you call it love
When people can't stop kissing you,  you call it love
When people can't stop having sex with you,  you call it love.

But when people want to leave your life because you no longer look sexy,  what do you call it?

When people threaten to leave you because you can't give them sex,  what do you call it?

Who Is The Real Cheater In A Relationship?

I am writing this message based on a frequent problem many marriages and relationships encounter daily; where one spouse catches the other cheating with another person outside the marriage, and has evidence of them meeting, sleeping around, etc.

This behaviour is not acceptable in marriages and a divorce can be granted based on this. Other solutions like working at it and resolving this amicably is an avenue that  a lot of couples don’t even venture, so they end up hurting each other and destroying their relationship with their actions and words.

Is Virginity Important?

Let’s talk about virginity today. There are lots of misconceptions in the minds of the youth on who a virgin is and its importance in marriage. Does being a virgin make or break marriages?

Marriage is a holy institution and at the same time a covenant. A covenant because God had to cut the man in order to make the woman for him. And each time there is a cut, there is blood which is a clear sign of a covenant. 

Don't Play God In Your Relationship

Many are hurt and in pain in various relationships just because they have given their all to someone.

They have been there for these people through thick and thin, and were stuck to them no matter what. 

Only to receive the shock of their lives when the same people just gave up on them one day; those they stood up for wouldn’t even lift as much as a finger to fight for them. Things you wish they could ponder on before acting, they did it in a second without thinking twice.