Daily Motivation

How Do You Know They Are Good For You

Not everyone who comes into our lives is meant to stay. Some are visitors, here today and gone tomorrow; some are loved ones, no matter how the journey gets, they stay glued to us.
The problem is how do you differentiate between a visitor and a loved one. How do you know someone is good for you? How do you know he or she is your life partner?

The Currency For Buying Love

Love is selfless; doing what makes the other partner happy is what makes you happy. Their smile is what you want.
It's not what they can do for you rather what I can do for you. It's not what I can receive but what I can give. These include your time, attention, gifts and your life. For the bible says in John 15:13 (NLV) “No one can have greater love than to give his life for his friends”.

The Woman Of Fragrance

There is one particular woman every mother wishes their son got married to. Not every son might know this but one thing they can notice is, just the mention of this lady’s name puts a smile on their mother's face. Some mothers try as much as possible to even connect their sons to this lady.


Mostly it is because of the lady's character and not just her appearance or the home they come from. Some fathers will insist on the home the lady comes from, her beauty, etc. but most mothers will settle for character, especially if the lady in question is hardworking.


Don't Fight For The Love Of A Boyfriend

One of the things that make me nauseous is when a guy tells ladies to fight for his love. They may say "You are not the only one, there are other girls in the competition of winning my love". What they are saying in fact to these ladies is that, they should put up with any kind of nonsense just in search for someone to love them.
Some of such guys end up abusing these ladies verbally and physically, disrespecting them; and a lot of these start after they have successfully had sex with them.

Your Ex Is Not Your Friend

Are you a friend to your Ex? do you talk often? Are you always chatting, Meeting up, etc? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then the man or woman you call Ex is not.
You can't be friends with your Ex, and this particular topic is causing a lot of mayhem in many relationships; one spouse is comfortable talking to the ex, while the other wonders ‘what at all do they talk about’? Why did they let that relationship go? Their response is, ‘I can't hate my Ex, he or she is just a friend’.

Dating Is Not A Marriage Proposal

I want to date you is not a marriage proposal or a visa to marriage; it just means I want to study you; I want to find out if it’s worth locking down the rest of my life with you.

It means I want to test you with a small portion of my life today to determine if you are worth entrusting the rest of my life with. It means discovering who you are, your true colours; a friend about whom you learn something new every day.

Why Do Spouses Change

You often hear this statement "my spouse has changed, he or she is not the same person I got married to". Some people wonder why the sudden change; others decide to use this change as an opportunity to get back to their old behaviour or lifestyle when they were single.

At the end of the day, the beautiful marriage with wonderful dreams comes crushing down, leaving scars of hurt on each other. If there are children, they suffer the most. Sometimes parents end up pouring out the anger and frustration they feel towards their spouse, on these innocent kids.

The Man Every Woman Wants To Marry

Women are too special and people sometimes wonder the kind of choices they end up with. Give them something today and they like it, the next minute they don't; in another minute, it seems they don't even know whether they like it or not; 

This can make approaching some women you admire like going for an HIV test; waiting for the outcome can be very scary. Does their smile mean a green light? Does their harsh response mean no or just pretense? 

The Woman Every Man Wants To Marry

There are singles hopping from one relationship into another like a frog on a trip. Their goal is in search for Mr. or Mrs. Right. And in all these attempts, they become disappointed at the end because that is when they get to know the true nature of their partners. They had been with a liar, a cheat, or a thief and only realized it when it was all over. It is really true that you only get to know the true length of a frog when it dies.