Daily Motivation

You Don’t Have To Be A Fool To Be In Love

In love, there is nothing like one person having to act as a fool whilst the other acts as the wise person. This is one of the mistakes people make in relationships and they end up becoming resentful, keeping lots of bitterness and hurt inside. You are hurt yet you can't express your feelings because you see yourself as the fool. To been in love is to be stupid together or wise together, not one being wise and the other a fool.

How Apathy Destroys Relationships

Learning from the recent election which took place in Ghana, you will realize that lots of the people did not turn up to vote or simply refused to vote. It is just as if they saw no sense in voting, because the party, the government or the individual they believed so much in, ignored them; someone so special to them, took them for granted.

Why You Cannot Please Man

Have you given out your best gift to your friend and loved one but it was not appreciated? Have you ever given an offering which was all you had but felt bad because the amount was small? Have you tried your best with all your heart to make a partner happy, yet they didn’t appreciate your effort and you felt bad?

It is better to please God than to please man. In fact you can never please man. Man is too hard to please. If you think this is false, just look at how countries change governments and presidents. At first, you are hailed and before you know it, they say crucify him.

Marriage Is Not An Election Campaign

Are you waiting for your partner to choose you over others he/she is dating? Are you going around telling your friends to convince your boyfriend or girlfriend to take you to the altar? Are you doing everything to suggest to the family of your boyfriend or girlfriend, that you are the better choice over others? Do you feel marriage to your current partner is like an election campaign you have to win at all cost?

Dating A Man Of God

The conduct and attitude of a person occupying a position says a lot about them as well as the one who appointed or elected them.  Like a president who is elected by a whole nation, it is easy for anyone to question them when they don’t act in a way and manner as expected.

But when it comes to the office of the man of God, these offices are occupied by people called or ordained by God and are accountable to God and not men.  The difficulty lies in differentiating between who is called by God and who is not; who is fake and who is real.

Love Is Not By Force

Have you felt so much love for someone yet they don't feel the same towards you? And you think putting pressure or force on them will make them accept you?

Many people do this. When it comes to men especially some women accept your love proposal just because they are tired of your persistent disturbance, when in actual fact your presence, words and actions turn them off. Instead of running away from such pressure, the best option to them is to play by your rules or demands. 

Don't Marry Anyone Who Is Not Honest

A Relationship filled with lies is like a balloon; it can fly high but won't get anywhere. It can't endure nor stand the test of time. It’s like a beauty that fades with time, it fades when you need it, it fades when you don't expect it to.

Lies have speed but lack endurance, only the truth does. This makes you wonder why people hide details at the start of a relationship just to win your love.

Does your relationship give you freedom or imprison you?

Which word perfectly describes your current relationship, Freedom or Prison? Many people are in what I call Prison relationship. The freedom to what they want to be and who they are, ceased the day they agreed to be in a relationship or date someone.
Their partners monitor their movements, set spies who follow them, and some even have hidden software installed on their partners’ phone where they can track their location, read their messages and listen to calls remotely.

Is your boyfriend too busy for you?

It’s funny how we fight for what doesn't belong to us and hold on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to. We are in relationships with people who have no business being with us. We spend our time thinking of people who don't remember us.

In actual fact we fall in love with the wrong person, people who make excuses to be with us then give excuses to stay away from us. They make us feel like we are asking for far too much when it's they who can't offer us that much.