Daily Motivation

Women Are Not Equal To Men

It is said that the things we don't know is what is causing us and that statement is very true. We are having many problems in our world today because our current generation is so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do. Women are so busy fighting for equality in everything and end up losing their uniqueness. 

Let me tell you, women can never be equal to men, women are not equal to men because that’s how the Creator intended it. If the woman is just like the man and can do exactly what the man does, then there would be no sense in creating them. 

Your Success And Happiness Depends On You Not People

There is one statement which always strikes me "Happiness is a choice"; and I believe there are a lot of people out there who may think otherwise about that. How are you supposed to be happy when people do things intentionally to hurt you? How are you supposed to be happy when people around you look for the least opportunity to bring you down? 

Don't Date A Cheater

There has been this myth circulated by some people that, there is nothing like 'cheating in dating', which is not true. Cheating simply means an act of dishonesty. When you are dating anyone who lies to you, flirts with others, has sex with them, etc, such a person is not loyal to you and this is termed as cheating. This is different from adultery which is voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse.

Love Does Not Hurt

A bad cook can make you lose appetite for a very delicious meal; a bad customer service can make you lose interest in a great product. In the same way a wrong person can make you think love hurts. In actual fact, love doesn't hurt, love heals, love gives life, love makes you smile, love makes you beautiful, love touches lives, making love the greatest of all things.

This Is How You Lose Him

Have you ever wondered why the man who was so much into you and so excited about you, has become cold towards you all of a sudden. He is always too busy for you and doesn't return your calls as he used to;  doesn't seem to care about you like he used to, and yet when you ask what is wrong,  he says nothing?

This Is How You Lose Her

Sometimes you wonder why the woman in your life says ‘I am okay” and refuses to answer your questions, when you know deep within that there is something wrong. This happens because her mind is busy in thoughts; "Is he the right man for me? Am I making a mistake? Why does he treat me like I am nothing to him? Does he really love me? Or is he just leading me on?" These are few of the questions she tries to find answers to. 

Don’t Marry A Man Who Doesn’t Listen To You

Ladies, no matter how desperate you are, never marry a man who doesn’t listen to you. Never marry Mr. "Know it all". A man who is always right in his eyes. Even if he is a pastor in a church or a committed Christian, he is still a wrong man for you. 

Such a man is arrogant and filled with pride. Living with such a man is like living in hell. He makes you feel like a child or a fool who doesn't matter, who doesn't know their right from left. He sees you as an empty headed person; to him what you bring out is noise. 

Women Don't Need Sex

It is amazing to hear some women being particular about the size of the manhood of their supposed spouse, and whether they are good in bed or not. This curiosity has led most into premarital sex whilst some think the success of a marriage depends on a great sex. But truth be told, women don't need sex. She likes sex, she enjoys it but it is never her need. What a woman needs is affection.

Love Can Kill You

Sometimes when you listen to peoples' love stories, you ask yourself, Is falling in love a blessing or curse? Some people are in immense pains now because of falling in love; some have become bitter as a result of falling in love, whilst others end up killing themselves. 

If you are single and can't wait to fall in love, please pause and think twice. Falling in love is so easy; anyone can fall in love with anything. There is nothing wrong with falling in love; the trouble however is falling for the wrong person.