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Why Some Ladies Want Divorce At All Cost

I am writing this article due to the pressing need of young married women in their late 20's and late 30's, who are sick and tired of their marriages and want to exit at all cost; but has come to realize that what she thought could make marriage work was not what actually makes a marriage successful.

These days I do laugh at a lot of things instead of crying at them. I am not being sarcastic but the truth is, if I start crying it won't make sense, because the people I cry for see no need for that. 

Spousal Rape

It’s insane to hear a man has raped the wife, the woman he loved and married. But this happens always in some marriages. Most of the time wives are the victims.
Whatever the justification, it is totally wrong to subject your better half to physical and emotional abuse. Whether forceful or not, as far as your spouse is not in agreement, it is wrong.

Respect Your Woman

Love is beautiful but marriage is more beautiful. Marriage is a blessing no matter the negative news you have heard or how bad your marriage is now. What corrupted this institution is our approach to it, not the intended approach the creator wanted us to used.

When I first saw my wife, I thought she was perfect so I loved and married her. Then I got to know she wasn't perfect. But what could I do for her to be perfect for me, just me? I continually asked myself this question. The answer I had was to love her more.

Learning To Say Sorry

Many of us are filled with pride and can't say sorry to people we hurt with our words or actions, especially when we are older than them or well to do than them. It looks impossible for some parents to say sorry to their children when they wrong them. It's hard for some spouses to say sorry to their partners. Some employers can’t apologize to their employee.

Why We Get Into Relationships Without Love

Many of us had a bad upbringing. We were not loved, we didn't know what real love was, we were not cherished, we were not appreciated and we are not accepted.

We grew up empty, looking for people to fill this vacuum in our heart.  Someone to accept us,  appreciate us,  welcome us,   give us listening ears,  hug us when we are down and give us a shoulder when we feel like crying.

The danger about this is we end up doubting ourselves. We don't believe in ourselves. We can't count on ourselves. We depend on people for everything.

Test Of Loyalty In Love

A friend, when going to marry his wife, was put through a test, what I will call a test of loyalty. After the introduction, he was expecting to be given the list of items the family will request for the marriage ceremony. He was promised the fiancée will deliver it to him, but after waiting for weeks with no response, he got worried. 

Between Boys And Men

Boys are adventurous and also love fun. One thing I have observed is, boys can’t stand the sight of beautiful girls. Give a boy a beautiful girl and deny him food, he doesn't care. As far as the girl is around, he is good to go. 

This kind of attitude has dragged lots of boys into relationships where they shouldn’t have been in the first place.
A good number of ladies are in a relationship with boys and praying for them to grow. Praying for such growth is like praying for Satan to repent.

Between Princess-ship and Queen-ship

I have heard a statement like "love is blind". Love can be foolish at times because the heart doesn't always love the right people at the right time.
Sometimes we hurt the ones that love us the most and love the ones that don't deserve our love at all. But looking deep into this, I realized that, it's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.

Marriage Is Not Promiseland

Falling in love feels so good that everyone who fell in love for the first time assume that, if just a relationship can feel like this then marriage will be a paradise; making some people dream and fantasize marriage as a promise land, a city of everlasting happiness, a union full of smiles, a relationship filled with heart beats.

What Daughters Need To Know Before Marriage

For two days now, I have been down and helpless. Helpless in the sense that, I am like a doctor watching his friend die just because he can't do anything about her illness.

A good friend and kind woman I know, fell in love with and got married to someone, whom society will describe as below her standard and expectation; yet she did all she could to make the relationship work. She sacrificed body and soul, material and heart, just to make their marriage work.