Daily Motivation

Why We Lose People

Life has a way of removing people you don't need on your journey and replacing them with the ones you need as you grow.

Losing friends is a part of growth and people need to know this. Even if you were unaware, from today closely monitor a plant.  At every point of growth, some leaves fall off making way for new ones. 

How Does Courtship Differ From Dating?

After my article on ‘Dating is not Trading’, I’ve had tons of people messaging and asking me about Jacob and Rachel in the bible; where Jacob had to labour for seven years for the love of his life, and even when he was given the wrong person, he went ahead to work for an additional seven years just to have the woman his heart desired. 

Is your love true or fake?

The good book says "Love never dies." - 1 Corinthians 13:8-10 (MSG). And the bible never lies, so the simple question is ‘why do people who claim they love each other get separated after a while?’,’ Why do people who are so much in love and want to stay in love forever get divorced?’

Not everyone is who they claim to be, even some close friends are enemies who act like friends. “Even a friend of mine whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has turned against me” - Psalm 41:9 (NLV)

The Wedding Shoe

I guess you were at a wedding or marriage ceremony last weekend and even plan of attending one this weekend.

Almost all the weddings and marriage ceremonies I have witnessed, I can say, were beautiful. Even if the couple had a bad day, or if the shoes were too tight, or the gown felt uncomfortable, it was still beautiful. Giving us all an idea of what marriage is supposed to be.

Love Is Beautiful Part I

Sometimes parents wonder why the daughters on whom they have spent so much to raise, and with their level of education and intelligence, get stuck in a relationship with a broke guy and refuse to accept marriage proposal from a rich man they think is best for her.

At times some friends wonder why their mate has refused to accept a pretty lady they recommended or one who is dying to be with him, and instead stays stuck with a lady they think is ugly for him.

Bone Shaker Love

If you have never travelled or been in a Boneshaker before, just the name alone should give you an idea of how an experience in one will be like; so imagine being in a relationship which shakes you down to your bones.

One of the reasons why some people are stuck in bad relationships, stuck with someone they know is not the best for them, and sick in the wrong relationship and yet don’t want to let go, is all because of the fear of being alone.

How To Turn Your Woman Into An Angel

Each person is beautiful but not everyone is able to see that; only those who are in love with you can perceive that. 
Many people don't know they are beautiful because they don't love themselves.

If you really love someone, learn to see the beauty in them, for beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder. 
Love them for how God created them but not in comparison with how others look or are.

Define Your Relationship

It’s unacceptable to see a lady whose parents treated her well and never abused nor punished her for mistakes, stuck to a man who abuses her just in the name of love.

It’s unfortunate to hear some husbands are being mistreated by their wives day in and out, and instead of living in love they are living in fear. Don't be surprised to hear some wives beat their husbands not only with their blows but with their words too. Some men are crying in their marriage; don't be shocked, for men also have emotions. They also get hurt when abused.

We Are Not Compatible

Have you ever seen a good girl dating a bad boy and you asked yourself 'What the heck do they have in common?” Well your answer is good as mine. 

Does the word compatibility exist when it comes to relationship between two people? How can two people with different DNA, parents, homes, temperament be compatible? Even twins from the same womb born on the same day are not the same, they are different in lots of things. 

Respect Is Earned

Many people don't know respect is earned; some think they can buy respect, others think they can demand for it, whilst others assume they deserve respect. 

But the truth is, how you carry yourself sets the standards for others on how you want to be treated. You can't go out giving sex to any man who says "I love you" and not expect to be called a "whore".