Daily Motivation

Women Fall For Storytellers

Lots of men get carried away by the beauty of a woman and are quick to speak without thinking. They become extremely excited and begin to make promises in an attempt to win the love of the woman, forgetting that promises are like babies, fun to make, easy to make but hard to deliver. 

One can appear to be the nicest you have ever met by the way they talk, their kindness towards you at first, but it's only a matter of time to test their true colour, for them to reveal their true intention, their real character.

Love Is Not Cheap

Love is not cheap as people think. If it was then the question is, why are lots of people in bad relationships when they can easily afford a good one? Why do we have so much fake love parading? Why is true love so hard to find? This is happening because we are giving what is so expensive to people who can't afford it and due to that many don't know its worth. 

Develop Yourself Before A Marriage Proposal

People are entering into wrong relationships which might end up as the worst marriage because of their personal needs or their urge for someone to help them develop themselves under the cover of love. Some ladies are in relationships with men today but deep in their hearts, they don’t love them, neither will they settle down with them as spouses, had it not been because of what they needed now. Some guys are in relationships because of an opportunity, a privilege, cash, car, etc, pretending he loves this lady and will marry her; but to him it is the last thing on his mind. 

Just Smile At The People Who Reject You

It's really sad to know that some people you put first in life, stop everything for, go out loud for and be there when they need you, only see you as a tool in their hand; as long they can use you, they treat you as an important person, and drop you at any point in time when they find someone better than you. It is heart breaking to know some people have no respect for relationships. 

Don't Close Your Eyes When You Fall In Love

Someone once said to me, "sweet things are best enjoyed when you close your eyes", citing that as one of the reasons why some people close their eyes when they kiss; and this is also why people enjoy sleep when they are having sweet dreams. It is the same reason why some people close their eyes to everything when they fall in love. They pay deaf ears to all the warnings, advice and red flags.

The truth is, no matter how new your ride is or how smooth your road is, it is senseless driving with your eyes closed. You risk losing your life, not even a fool will do that. 

Challenges Are Blessings In Disguise

Growing up, none of us liked some kind of teachers in our schools, especially during the earlier parts of our lives. These are teachers who will give us the worst punishment when we go wrong, just to make sure we get it right, yet they were our least favourite. As bad as we labelled them, looking back now, we can all be proud and say such individuals were some of the best things to ever happen to us. They taught us the hardest lessons, helped us get rid of bad habits, instilled discipline, good morals and character and good attitude in us. 

Lessons From Easter For Your Marriage

It is sad to know that many marriages have become a garden of pains, spouses have hurt each other, not willing to forgive, living like roommates, filled with anger, regrets and bitterness. Such marriages are running out of love, the spouses are not sensitive and are heartless towards one another. If you find yourself in such a marriage, all hope is not lost, let the lesson from Easter restore your union.

Beauty Goes Beyond Make Up

It's amazing to see the so called ugly or not good looking women getting married to good men, whilst the presumed good looking, fascinating single women struggle to find a man of their own, not to talk of a husband. And they ask themselves, what's wrong with me? Am I under any curse?

Men Are Not Superior

Men are not God and can never be. God is superior. Men are not lords over women as many think, men are supposed to be head of their families, a husband, father and a friend. Your role as a leader is to serve. It isn't to use your position to intimidate your own family, abuse or cause them pains, but to bring them relief, smiles, hope, comfort and above all to love them.